Who We Are

First of all, hello and welcome! The Health Association is an online platform where you can find highlights on information, news and recent developments of the health sector. Focusing especially on aspects of the healthcare regarding the UK, this website wants to be a useful resource for anyone who is looking for updates on the healthcare systems and on ways to practise medicine in this day and age.

Basic Information

Who can practise medicine in the UK

In the UK, you need to be registered to the General Medical Council, which is the body that regulates the licenses to practice medicine. Most of the roles in the UK legally require such license. For example, being an NHS doctor, signing prescriptions and declaring death are all practices that require a license.

Becoming a doctor in the UK

If you are here because you want to become a doctor, you need to know that you will have to do a five year degree, a foundation training on general medicine that lasts two years and, finally, a specialist training in your particular specialty. Beware of doctors that have not undergone any training or that have no qualification.

The evolution of practising medicine

If you are interested in a medical career, know that you can practise medicine in many different ways. For example, you can be a GP, a hospital doctor or have your own practise and specific specialty. There are a lot of ways you can practise medicine. The tools and the media that we use are so varied that nowadays, you can also practice medicine online, through registered and licensed online clinics.

Private versus Public Healthcare

As you probably know, the NHS is the National Health Service for the United Kingdom. This means that it is a public resource that anybody can use. It gets its funding from taxes and employs more than one and a half million people overall. Everyone living in the UK can go to the NHS to be treated for a specific condition, or to discuss anything with their GPs. Apart from optical, dental and prescription services, everything else is completely free of charge. However, sometimes patients need to wait weeks before they can see their GPs or a specialist that the GP has referred the patient to.

In that case, if you are short of time, you may want to consider private clinics or services. These are also regulated by bodies such as the Care Quality Commission, and may accommodate your needs in a more specific way, given that they do not have the number of patients that the NHS has.

If you have any urgent medical questions, please speak to your GP as we would not be able to advise you on any urgent or specific medical issue.